Sunday, August 08, 2010

9 Swag Bucks Code - expires at 6:30... plus reminder about next week!

First of all, head on over to Swag Bucks and check out their back-to-school blog post and then come back when you've entered the code.  Hurry!  It expires at 6:30 PM Eastern and is worth 9 Swag Bucks.

Now that you're back, if you missed my post earlier this weekend about what's in store this week at Swag Bucks, make sure you take a moment to read it.  There's some special back-to-school bucks up for grabs this week so be sure you're following Swag Bucks on Twitter and Facebook.  Not even I get all of the codes!  So up your chances by following Swag Bucks.  There's a special back-to-school code there if you haven't joined, so be sure to get the most bucks by being referred by clicking to read that post.
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