Monday, August 09, 2010

Question: Do you think 'thrifty' has a negative connotation?

Yesterday, I began to read Be thrifty.  How to Live Better with Less, which I'll be reviewing here on the blog when I'm finished.  Now, I've been called thrifty before... but there was always a bit of a negative connotation.  Like you are thrifty because you are too cheap to spend money... or that you're too poor to spend money (something the other person looks down upon you for.)  As I was reading, I learned that thrifty is derived from the verb thrive - which we can all agree is a good, positive word!

Please comment and let me know whether you think being called 'thrifty' is meant as a compliment or not.  I'm curious what you think!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of Be Thrifty at no cost to me for review purposes.  The link provided above is not an affiliate link that directly benefits me.  It is merely a link to the book on the publisher's website, which I added for context.  
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