Friday, August 13, 2010

Cheap cheese at Food Lion (3 day sale)

There are certain cheeses on sale for 3 days only (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) that are buy 1, get 1 free.  Included are: 

Kraft Singles 12 oz, and 5-8 oz Krafts shreds, chunks and cubes

The Kraft Singles were priced at $2.59 and the cubes I  bought were priced at $2.50.  The BoGo sale is limit 2 free, but... the cubes rang up half off too.  I only bought 5 items and if you buy 5 select Kraft Cheeses, you get $5 on your next shopping order!

So I bought 4 Kraft Singles at $2.59, BoGo priced at $5.18 for all 4 and 1 Kraft cubes at $2.50, which rang up at half price ($1.25) and spent just $6.43 and got the $5 catalina at the register.  I might go back for more cheese before the sale ends, but I'm set on singles for a while at least!
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