Thursday, August 12, 2010

JC Penney's clearance - hot deals on clothes for my son

I had to run into the mall today on another shopping errand and found that $10 JC Penney coupon that was mailed to me burning a very distinct hole in my pocket.  I wandered around JC Penney and saw lots and lots of clearance racks!  In the end, I picked up 10 items for just $32.  Eight of them were for my son and two for my daughter. 

I found some Okie Dokie shirts for $2.39 on clearance.  These were luckily size 5/6 and 7, so I had some nice choices for my son.  If he doesn't wear these t-shirts to school, he can wear them to bed since he needs new PJs due to a growth spurt anyway.   After the $10 coupon was pro-rated on these, they were just $1.79 each, what a bargain!  The Poplin pants were $4.79 on clearance and $3.61 after the coupon.  The French Terry shorts were $3.59 on clearance and were just $2.71 after coupon.  In all, for the 8 things I bought my son, the total after all discounts was $18.87 pre-tax.  The two pairs of shorts that I picked up for my daughter were $5.65 and $6.10 before tax.

So if you have the time, stop by to rake over the racks at your JC Penney.  I want to go back and look for some things for me!
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