Monday, August 09, 2010

Rock 'n Learn Phonics DVD giveaway winner announcement chose comment number 6 as the winning comment. 

That was Esther - TTBM who would love to also check out their Human Body DVD.  Congrats to Esther!  If you didn't win, here's a few other giveaways that are going on for Rock 'n Learn.  Also, don't forget, there is a store locator on the Rock 'n Learn site to find a store that sells Rock 'n Learn DVDs near you.
Budget Savvy Diva  = both Volumes (1 & 2)

Mommy PR = both Volumes (1 & 2)

The Thrifty Things =  Phonics Volume 2 & Getting Ready for Kindergarten

So if you really wanted to win, there are other contests going on!  You can always Google 'Rock 'n Learn giveaway' to find other giveaways and searching for giveaways on Twitter generally yields good results.
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