Friday, August 20, 2010

Staples sneak peek: 50 cent copy paper & other cheap goodies

I have done the 1 cent copy paper deal twice now - once last month and once last week.  Next week's Staples ad has the same copy paper for .50 a ream after rebate.  Hmmm... decisions!  My husband goes through far more paper than I do and my kids, well, it is like toilet paper around here. Still, I think it is a good buy and if I'm in town next week, I'll probably drop in to grab the limit of 2.

Some other budget friendly items on sale next week really cheap are see through rulers and Bic highlighters for .50 each (limit 2 per household) and an 8 pack of No. 2 pencils for .25 each (limit 4).  Also at a good price are these two items:  poly 3 ring binder (limit 2) and translucent pencil box (limit 2) -- both for .50 each.  The hot deal is the composition notebooks for .10 each (limit 3).

Grabbing the limit of these isn't going to break the bank and please always remember that there are some families who can't afford to buy back-to-school items.  I had someone comment on an article I wrote for Associated Content that was asking for help in finding resources to help her pay for back-to-school supplies.  It broke my heart!  I typically shop these deals and steals and send extras in to the teacher because there's always someone who doesn't have everything they need to go to school.

Remember:  These hot deals are only from Sunday to Wednesday, so plan accordingly.
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