Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships - Deadline September 1 (up to $30,000 for Master's Degree!)

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College is expensive and getting even more expensive by the year.  I can remember when my husband started college in 1999... tuition was just a few thousand dollars.  By the time he graduated in 2004 - 5 years later - the tuition had more than doubled!  And, if you go it alone, relying on student loans to help cover what financial aid doesn't, you are looking at a mountain of student loan debt.  You might put off dreams of a Master's Degree in Education until some time in the future.  But wait!  If you are a STEM (that is, science, technology, engineering or math graduate) wanting to further your career with a Master's Degree in Education, you should look into Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships by getting more information at www.wwteachingfellowship.org.  Who can't use $30,000 stipend to get a Master's Degree in Education to teach in one of those fields?  If you are selected, you will be able to complete an intensive Master's Degree at one of fourteen participating universities. 

Who qualifies to apply for a Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship?

Is this you or does it sound like somebody you know?

* Is your degree complete or will it be complete by June 2011 in a STEM field?

* Did you graduate or will you graduate with a 3.0 GPA?

* Can you work with the program and the goals it has set forth for a fellow?

* Did you get your degree a while back and now want to give back to your community by teaching STEM, but need your Master's in Education?  Career changers are welcome to apply!  Something to consider in this economy....

Watch this video on YouTube to see some real-life Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows:

What do they expect from you?

You must complete a field-based Master's degree in teacher education and commit to teach for at least three (3) years in a high-need school.  They will provide you with intensive support and mentor you in the classroom.  They want you to succeed and will give you the support and mentoring that you need.

Hurry!  The application deadline is September 1st!

To apply, you must submit an application by September 1, 2010.  Please visit www.wwteachingfellowship.org.

Visit my sponsor: The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship
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