Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Costco finds! I found many gluten free items ...

We went shopping last weekend, which is something that my hubby and I rarely do together.  This is bad for him, because if I don't eat it or can't eat it, I typically don't buy it.  After stopping by Wal-mart to pick up my 5 year old's spare glasses, we did some mall trolling and then went into Costco.  I'm so glad we did!

One of the things I can't eat a lot of times is lunch meat.  Many have msg snuck in there and that, most of the time, means it isn't gluten free.  We found some Dietz and Watson turkey breast on demo and I gave it a try.  My hubby really liked the flavor, so he bought it anyway.  Typically, I don't know if something has wheat in it or not until a while later when I get some red marks on my wrists or feet.  I was pleasantly unaffected, so I definitely will be buying this again.  It was priced at $9.69 for 1.75 pounds - a  bit pricey - but worth it to me to be able to eat lunch meat again.  They had chicken breast too that was labeled gluten free; however, it would have been quite a lot of lunch meat that would need to be consumed fairly quickly if we'd have gotten both.  Next time, we'll try the chicken!

I also spied, but didn't buy, some gluten free chicken meatballs. Meatballs are another one that's hard to find without wheat in them, so I was surprised to see them at Costco of all places!  Being that it is still a bit hot, I'll need to plan a Costco run for some of these items when I have lots of room in the cooler and can grab some refrigerated bags.  The gluten free meatballs were $12.99 for 2.9 pounds.

We also found some Healthy Choice chicken soup that was wheat free for me - their chicken and rice.  A case of 10 (half Chicken Noodle, half Chicken and Rice) was $9.85.  The kids taste tested the chicken noodle and gave it the thumbs up.
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