Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TiVo Premiere: TiVo your Fall TV premieres, search for your favorite actors

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I wouldn't say that I am a huge fan of TV in general, but I do have my absolute favorites.  I might have TiVo'd a whole season of Ice Road Truckers once, not to mention a whole season of Survivor and, of course, my favorite TV show right now, which is NCIS.   I'm looking forward to some Fall TV premieres, including NCIS, which will premiere on September 21.  I'm dying to know what happens with Gibbs' father.  Someone has him and you know that Gibbs protects his own.  I pity the fool who kills someone that Gibbs loves. 

My hubby loves NCIS as much as I do (and last season he was totally hooked on Lost, which we thankfully had TiVo'd since we got a little behind on that) and we always set a season pass because we don't want to miss an episode.  He travels from time to time and we like to watch together.  So if he's gone, I let the TiVo do the work and then catch up when he's home.  A TiVo premiere base model records 45 hours of HD, which is good to know since our channels now broadcast in HD. If you need more space, you can upgrade to TiVo Premiere XL for 3 times the space.  You can even record two shows at once (something we do a lot here!)

Speaking of Lost, after I got over Jack dying in the finale (it took a while), I now wonder what "Jack" is now working on?  Has Matthew Fox been in anything since?  If you have TiVo Premiere, you can search for actors to find other shows that they're on.  It searches across a bunch of media - Amazon and Netflix, just to name two - and you can even use the TiVo Premiere for video on demand to watch movies from those sources.  Nice!  We actually use our Netflix streaming more than our 2 at a time subscription, so not having to run that through a gaming console would be a nice thing.

Even nicer is that you can take your recorded shows with you by downloading them to your laptop.  Now that's something hubby would love!  He's got a lot of Dr. Who to catch up on.

The TiVo Slide Remote looks absolutely awesome too.  It slides out to a querty, which would make typing so easy when you are searching for your favorite actors or shows.   It also has a Bluetooth, so the range is better.  That's something nice too since right now I have a Dish Network remote that has no range. 

Fan them!  I know you'd love to become a TiVo Facebook Fan to keep up-to-date with all things TiVo.  I'm fan # 52,816.  Also, they have a Sweepstakes going on right now through 9/22/2010 where you Enter to Win a new TiVo Slide.   Who doesn't want to win that sweet remote?

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