Thursday, September 30, 2010

PlayStation Move available now! A must-have for gamers for Christmas?

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My husband is an avid gamer when time allows.  He tends to game in spurts and every now and then, the TV is just his on a Sunday.  Like all day.  We do have a Wii, which is mainly for the kids.  But for the most part, all of the games my husband enjoys are played on his PS3.  He gets so involved in his games that when I heard about the PlayStation Move I couldn't help but think that it would definitely enhance his gaming experience and make it even more enjoyable.

Granted, the PlayStation Move won't work on games that aren't compatible, but I did take a look at the PlayStation Move games and did find one RPG, Sorcery, that I think he would like!  Hubby might like Tron too, since he loves that movie.  I also saw Resident Evil, which is something else that might pique his interest.  He's really a devout RPG gamer and is extremely hard to buy for.  He immerses himself in a game for hours to relax and unwind.  I can only hope the next Assassin's Creed is Move compatible!

The kids might even get into the PS3 if we got them ProStroke Golf or Sports Champions.  They're very competitive kids and they do love to play sports games on our gaming consoles.  If we used the Move for family game night, I think the kids would really enjoy that.  Right now, we try to play board games, but I definitely see the benefits of indoor gaming during the winter months when we are cooped up inside anyway.  It would be a nice way for them to burn off a little energy.

To be honest, I don't see myself using the PlayStation Move, mainly because I don't really game.  The last time I played a bowling game, I hurt for days.  Literally. So if anyone ever tries to tell me that playing sports on a gaming console does not constitute exercise, I would have to disagree...

Do you already have a PS3?  You can get a PlayStation Move bundle package for just $99.  I could definitely see this as a must-have for gamers for Christmas.  At about the price of two games, you can enhance the gaming experience of someone you love. 

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