Saturday, September 18, 2010

Target clearance finds this week...

I was in two separate Target stores this week and found some good deals.  At one, the Dollar Spot was clearanced (brown dot) and I picked up a division workbook for my 9 year old and a canister of Spic and Span wipes, each for .50.  I also found the over-the-door pop up hampers on clearance for $1.25.  I'm hoping the kids took the hint with that one! 

I also found some Iron Man kiddie boxers and some underoos for my 5 year old for under $5 a pack, which was a great price for me.

Tonight, I was in a Target in Maryland, where I paid full price (a whole buck) for a multiplication workbook.  Over the summer, my 9 year old seemed to have forgotten her times tables... and obviously we need to brush up before she learns division this year.  I also raided their back-to-school clearance where I found ten packs of pens for .25 each.  I know, I probably could have done better earlier in the summer, but I don't live close enough to a large enough town to justify running into just grab a $1 item for free.  I also snagged two kiddie sized rakes for about $2.50 each to save myself the fight in about a month when they each want a rake for the yard. 

I saw and didn't buy:  A Sunbeam programmable coffee pot on clearance from $24.99 down to  $12.49... not bad for a decent coffee pot.
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