Sunday, October 31, 2010

GDA at Kroger: Kraft Mac & Cheese

Yesterday was a big shopping day in the Richmond, VA area and one of the stores we stopped at was the Kroger.  It was our last stop since we like to grab our groceries and head directly home - a whole hour and fifteen minute drive.  One really good deal we spotted at the Kroger was a deal on Kraft Mac & Cheese....

There was a special 5 Pack of Kraft Mac and Cheese for sale for $3.49.  Not a bad deal since that's about 70 cents per box.  But there was a coupon on each 5 pack for a free 4-pack of the Kraft Mac & Cheese microwave cups, which were $3.99.  We grabbed two of the 5 packs and two of the 4-pack freebies to stock up.  I tend to cook easy meals on Wednesday nights, which is our children's CCD night at church.  There's not a lot of time between the bus dropping them off and having to leave for church, so I often make mac and cheese on Wednesday nights. 

So if you are a Kroger shopper, be on the look out for those peelies.  They may be on Kraft Mac and Cheese 5 packs in other stores too, but that was where I saw them first.
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