Sunday, November 14, 2010

Food Lion and Stove Top Stufffing Deal...

If you need to buy your stuffing for your turkey, Food Lion has Stove Top Stuffing on sale for Buy 1, Get 1 Free (limit 2 free).  The regular price is $1.79.  The display has Buy 4, Get 1 Free coupons attached.  This is how I did this deal...

5 Stove Top Stuffings (5 @ $1.79)
Less MVP savings (5 @ .90)
Less B4G1 free coupon ($1.63*)

= $2.82 for 5 boxes of stuffing = 56.4 cents per box.  Note, the 5th one did ring up half price, but since it said limit 2 free, I didn't grab the sixth one.  * The coupon specifically said to write $1.63 on it.  This was all that was taken off.  My guess is that my Food Lion is charging more than the manufacturer suggested price, hence the discrepancy between the coupon and the shelf price.  However, since she took off the full amount and not the sales price, I wasn't going to argue.

Did you find an even better deal on stuffing?  If you did, let us all know where we should be buying our stuffing!  Reminder here, too, that these are awesome to buy and donate.  Thanksgiving is so hard on so many people, so if you have the means, do share the bounty.
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