Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snapfish prints and PayPal: A great combination...

I recently received an offer from Snapfish for 50 free prints and I finally got some pictures uploaded today.  I hadn't ordered in months and so I was surprised to see a PayPal option to pay.  This was so nice, let me tell you!  The prints were free, I just had to pay $3 and change for shipping.  I paid via PayPal and didn't have to dig through my purse for my credit card --- nice!  I don't keep much in my PayPal, so I was really glad the shipping was just a few bucks! 

This excites me in so many ways.... I actually know someone who doesn't have a credit card and has ordered from photo places in the past using a pre-paid card.  The only thing is is that it automatically pings your card for a buck and then it never goes back on. (I assume the card issuer just keeps it?)  But this option would be great for her because she'll never have to give up a buck just to order.. and if her funds are low, I can shoot her a few bucks to order prints.
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