Sunday, November 07, 2010

Free Health Screening for Diabetes at Select Walgreens Stores on November 12 and November 13

What are you doing next weekend?  Should you be going to your local participating Walgreens location for a free health screening for Diabetes?  This health care freebie was advertised on TV recently and is being advertised on the front section of the Walgreens ad.  The fine print says to locate an event near you, visit or you can call 1-877-W-AND-YOU (1-877-926-3968). 

According to Walgreens' press release, this free diabetes screening will be offered at 1,700 stores nationwide (which is most  24 hour stores) and will either provide a free blood glucose test or a free A1C test for those already diagnosed with diabetes.  I think this is a great opportunity for uninsured/underinsured individuals to get a basic screening test.  For those who are already diagnosed, it is a nice freebie that lets them know how well they are doing.  I highly recommend that if you do take advantage of this free test that you ask for a copy and provide it to your physician.  Bear in mind, any test that is done for free is one that you potentially won't have to pay for at a later date.

The Find A Store link did pull up many in my area.  I just checked the box for the free screening and let it see what was near me.  I did just (literally) have a bunch of blood tests done, so I won't need to take advantage of this one, but please share this information with your friends and family so that they can get screened.

The hours of these screenings are:  Nov. 12 and 13, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Double check to make sure your local Walgreens is participating.
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