Friday, December 31, 2010

My Target was 75% off Christmas (Fredericksburg, VA)

I stopped into the Target in the Massaponnax area and found Christmas and pink dot $1 spot items at 75%.  Some nice goodies I picked up were some Hello Kitty pencils for .25 a pack and some Disney Princess pens for .25 a pack also.  My daughter tried to talk me into the small Slinkies, but that is just a heartbreak waiting to happen.  There's no way those Slinkies would last more than five minutes.

As for Christmas clearance, they were pretty well wiped out except for lots and lots of bulbs and ornaments.  I found a Jingles cookies box for .74 and let my daughter talk me into some candy canes for .62 each for the Spree kind.  She found a shirt on clearance too with Snowflakes on it for under $3.

Over by the packing supplies, they had holiday themed bubble wrap for 75% off, something that eBay sellers might want to check out!  They also had some Christmas themed packing tape for 75% off, making it a buck.
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