Wednesday, February 02, 2011

$15 pre-paid Visa Gift Card Ink Deal at Office Depot

Need ink?  Even if you don't immediately, the Office Depot ink deal where you get a $15 pre-paid Visa Gift Card might be worth taking advantage of this week.  From now until 2/7, if you spend $59 on ink (excluding their brand of ink), you can get a $15 pre-paid Visa.  This offer is by mail, so the onus will be on you to send away for this.  Frankly, I don't know why they can't just auto-send it since they're keeping track of ink rewards anyway.  Still, it's nice to get a reward you don't have to spend there.  The pre-paid Visa should be good anywhere.  This deal is online only, according to their website.  There's a .pdf to print out which contains some ambiguous language so be sure to verify whether or not store purchases count toward this offer. 

One thing I would caution you about is that the pre-paid card will come with an expiration date.  The rebate does not specify when the card would expire.  I've done similar offers from other companies and had quickly expiring cards.  Be sure to note the expiration date when the card arrives.
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