Thursday, February 03, 2011

Netflix... oh how I love thee!

To be perfectly honest, I'm horrid at returning my movies.  I do feel guilty, particularly if they're new releases.  But while I love having movies delivered to me and the small trip to the mail box to get and return them, I'm far more enamored with Netflix's streaming.

Thanks to my 6 year old (or was it the germ filled roller skating rink?), I caught a cold of some sort last weekend, which made me entirely too lazy.  Despite incessant begging for the PS3, I instead asserted my parental rights and claimed the TV as my own.  Yes, I forced my kids to watch Seasons 1-4 of Doc Martin.  Even my 9 year old loved the show (eventually) and what's not to love.  Doc Martin is like House with a touch of Asperger's (which, by the way, is quite funny and my kind of humor.)  I also got to watch the third movie in the Millenium Trilogy -- The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest.  I had to put my laptop away for that one... it was Swedish with English subtitles!

The future of Netflix will eventually be all streaming, or nearly so.  I can't imagine they like paying the post office to ship those movies back and forth.  I look forward to more shows coming available and perhaps a bit more diversity.  There are lots of good shows on TV in other countries.  When I lived near Erie, PA, I loved that I could occasionally tune in some Canadian shows.  The world is becoming smaller by the minute and I hope that Netflix will continue to add foreign material to their offerings. 
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