Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Groceries to cost more, tech items to get cheaper in 2011

Going to the grocery store is a huge drain on my wallet.  This is especially true for me since gluten free items cost twice (or more) than regular food items.  However, one area where prices should drop this year is tech.

According to this CNN Money article, the Kindle and Wii are both expected to drop to $99, making them much more affordable and desired. Getting just below the $100 price point makes them look a whole lot more attractive to consumers I suppose.  I do have a nook and I like it very much.  I can definitely see the benefits of having an ebook reader, though I do like print books as well.  Blu-Ray players are expected to drop to the $50 range, pretty much saying they're obsolete.  Browse through that list and see if anything there is on your wish list and perhaps hold back and wait for an anticipated price reduction.
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