Thursday, February 03, 2011

Swag Bucks videos: Are you missing out on easy Bucks?

Search & Win

With the Super Bowl set for this weekend, Swag Bucks had tons of videos available for me to watch on their Special Offers wall.  I can now make a green pepper, sausage lasagna and know how to mold a cream cheese football for a snack tray.  Be sure you're stopping by the Special Offers walls and checking for videos for some easy Bucks.  Some of these offers are crediting multiple times (Check out the Payment Wall page).

If you haven't joined yet, please let me refer you to Swag Bucks.  I post hints to codes when I spot them and, as an affiliated blogger, I sometimes get a heads up on promos that are coming up.  It's February, which means it is Swag Bucks' birthday month.  Last year's Swag Code Extravaganza was awesome, so you will want to join this month to cash in when they start the birthday celebration.  I wonder what they have planned?

Disclosure:  By allowing me to refer you to Swag Bucks, I would receive a benefit (such as matching bucks for a referral's search wins.) 
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