Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Copy your tax return for free at Office Depot (25 pp)

My friend Lisa alerted me that Office Depot has a coupon in their ad this week that allows you to have an extra copy of your tax return made there free - up to 25 pages.  Clip that coupon before your Sunday paper hits the recycle bin!

I am hoping mine won't be that thick!  I've just spent a few hours going numb in my brain and would love to just see a flat tax!   That way, everyone pays and I do think it would streamline the process.  I'd been putting off even starting the return because I knew it would be a bit trickier this year with my blog, but I only have a month left to get it in final form so I started to buckle down and enter information to get it mostly complete today.  Watching the refund-meter going up and down was nervewracking.
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