Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Extreme Couponing Series Debut: April 6 at 9 PM

You know, I have never seen the Extreme Couponing shows that have now led to them being picked up as a series.  On Wednesday, April 6 at 9 PM, Extreme Couponing will premiere on TLC.  I've couponed for years, but in viewing the trailer on the site, I can't say as I have ever had that much stockpiled at once.  I think the only item I really had a shelf full of was Sunsilk, which I got free after ECB and coupon a few summers ago.  I donated the lion's share to a charity, gave away bottles to friends and family and used the rest.  I might have one bottle of conditioner left.

I wonder if the Extreme Couponers might have a touch of hoarding?  When you think of hoaders, you probably envision something like a completely cluttered house with stacks and stacks of junk everywhere with not a single couch cushion free to sit on.  Unless you're running your couponing like a business (did that lady in the video say 1,100 inserts?), then there has to be a line where stockpiling crosses into hoarding.  If you get a great steal on toilet paper and can get 3 years worth for pennies, then I guess that's just savvy penny pinching.  But if you keep buying toilet paper even after you have 3 years worth, then maybe you are hoarding and need to address that.

What say you?  Have you seen the show and have an opinion?  How much is too much of a stockpile?  Or is the instability of the economy a good excuse to keep years worth of supplies on hand?  Let me know!  Let's discuss!
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