Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Suave Professionals 'Can You Tell' game -- potential to win 2 free product coupons

Thanks to Frugal Free Gal for posting this super, smoking hot freebie.  Visit Suave Professional's 'Can You Tell?' game and make your guesses.  Eight entertaining scenarios will be presented, along with some expert advice.  Is the stylist correct in their guess?  Sometimes... sometimes not!  If you get all 8 right, you win a year's worth of Suave Professionals.  If you get at least 4 right, you can claim two free coupons for Suave Professionals products.  I got 6 out of the 8 video scenarios to work and got 4 right out of the 6, so not too shabby.  I claimed my two free coupons. If you get at least 3 right, you can claim one free coupon.  The more you get right, the better the prize.  Do pay attention to the radio buttons when you claim - it defaulted to a lesser coupon amount at first, so be sure to check the right box.

Go here to play - it does take a bit of time because the videos must play out.  It is an interactive game.  One win per household.  Prize list is below.  The prizes each have an allotment each week, so playing sooner in the week than later is a good idea to ensure best selection.  I have a feeling lots of people will be playing.

image taken from official rules
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