Friday, March 04, 2011

Video games and adults: Am I weird for not having my own gaming console?

Right now, my husband is currently playing Ys Seven on is PSP.  My son has been hooked on Brain Age and my daughter could spend hours playing on her DS taking care of virtual animals.  What's missing is that Mom doesn't have her own PSP or DS.  Do I really need one?  I suppose I could play the kids' DS or hubby's PSP all day if I really wanted to badly enough.  I think that dragging me into Gamestop is torture.  Walls and walls of games -- inevitably we are there far longer than I want to be (which is 5 minutes or less).  Games just don't interest me very much.  I still have a Nancy Drew game that I won a few months ago from Confessions of an Overworked Mom.  She's an avid Nancy Drew fan.  I haven't gotten around to installing it to play on my computer just yet. I loved Nancy Drew as a kid and devoured every mystery that was available in my school and local library.  Am I afraid of being disappointed?  Will the characters not look like how I imagined them to look?

Moms:  Am I alone here?  Am I the last person in the world to not have their very own DS or PSP?  We have a Wii, but the last time I played Wii bowling, I hurt myself!  I think it is torture having to watch Lego Batman for hours on a Sunday afternoon.  I guess I'd rather read books and use my own imagination.
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