Thursday, March 10, 2011

A weakness for Just Born's Marshmallow Peeps

You might know you're a Peepaholic when a blogging friend suggests that you apply to a Marshmallow Peeps ambassador program! Unfortunately, I was a bit late and the list was closed by then, but it got me to thinking that I'd be a great ambassador. I don't eat them year-round (though I do appreciate them making them year-round now!) I've even written about them as a great gluten free treat for Halloween.  Recently, I've had numerous discussions about Peeps with friends through email and on my Facebook page.  It's amazing how many ways we love to eat these puffy marshmallowy treats.  For instance:
  • Freeze them!  My friend Chris says she loves Peeps frozen.  I have to agree, I liked them that way too when I tried it this week.  I did find the sugary coating to taste more sugary this way.
  • Crack that package open!  Several of my friends agreed with me that Peeps taste best just a bit stale.  As in open that package and let them sit out for a day or two.  That is, if you can keep your hands off of them that long (which, sadly, most of the time I can't....)
  • Another friend said she'd tried the chocolate covered Peeps.  I have got to find me some of those!  In addition to loving Peeps so much that I admit to eating them for breakfast, I love Brach's chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies. 
  • S'mores!  If you have some left over from Easter, you can always make s'mores.  The sugary coating just makes the treat even sweeter.
  • Most of us bite off the bunnies' ears first and save the fat, round middle for last.  Brutal, I know.  But you have to start somewhere.
If you aren't a Peepaholic, you can still enjoy Marshmallow Peeps.  Check out the slideshow from WaPo's Peeps Show IV from last year.  They're hosting Peeps Show V  this year and you can create your own Marshmallow Peeps diorama to enter!  I loved last year's winner, inspired by Up!  I am totally not an artiste, so I'm confident I could never measure up.  But I'm into art appreciation and the slide show is worth the few moments it takes to view.   Meanwhile, I'll try to curb my Peeps habit back a bit.  My sister is getting married in a few months and my size 6 dress is already in.  I don't want to have to get it let out!
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