Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enter Outback Steakhouse's 'Kick Back with the Girls' contest

I love Outback Steakhouse!  They have a contest right now called 'Kick Back with the Girls', which means dinner for 4 if you happen to win. From the rules (emphasis added):

ENTRY PERIODS: There will be ten (10) daily entry periods (each an “Entry Period”) held during the Sweepstakes Period, each associated with a drawing date. For each drawing, fifty (50) prize winners (each, a “Prize Winner”) will be selected at random and will win a prize (the “Prize”) as further defined in the “WINNING/NOTIFICATION” section of these Official Rules.

Enter just once - if you don't get chosen, your entry rolls over into the next.  That means you might have a better chance at winning by entering earlier rather than later!

One of the best things about Outback Steakhouse (aside from the steaks, of course), is that they have an actual gluten free menu that you can ask for!  We ate there a few weeks ago and usually when I ask for a gluten free menu, I get a weird look of "what?" followed by someone going to the back and rummaging around.  Usually, what I'm brought back is some chart that looks like the grid of a Battleship game.  In short, very hard to decipher because you have to go from the main menu to the gridded one to see if your no-no ingredient is part of the recipe.  Outback had an actual menu that listed food items on it.  That made me feel like a regular patron, rather than a special case.  Our waitress "got it" and seemed very knowledgeable about gluten free preparation.

So that said, I would totally want to win and kick back with the girls!  Though I'd probably take hubby along because their steak is so good!
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