Friday, April 08, 2011

Enter Plackers' Kids Club Sweepstakes!

My kids don't like to floss with normal string floss like we adults use, and I don't blame them.  It's hard to wind it around little fingers!  Honestly, "Did you floss?" got me a blank stare and an annoyed kid who got sent back to the bathroom for some more dental hygiene action.

Something finally clicked.  I received a sample that was similar to Plackers' kid flossers and voila - a lot more compliance with flossing requests.  I don't have to nag, nag, nag my 10 year old now to floss, since she can get a flosser in her mouth without problems.  My 6 year old flosses too, but he needs a bit of assistance with his back molars.  I have found using this type of flosser is easier for me too.  It's not easy for him to reach to the back with floss wound around his fingers, and since my fingers are bigger, it's pretty hard for me too.

So, when I saw this cool sweepstakes from Plackers, I entered.  It is definitely a product that we would use.  What's at stake?  Well, I'd love to win the trip to Disney, but they are also giving away two other nice (and useful) prizes.  Three first place winners will receive $1,000 in dental/orthodontic care and 500 second prize winners will win a year's supply of Plackers Dental Flossers.  Entry is quick and easy, with your name, address and a few demographic questions.  Be sure to check out the Kids Club activities for some fun, dental related mazes and other games. 

Note:  This contest ends 5/31 and you only get one entry per household.  Good luck to all who enter.
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