Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger ate it: Reposting some posts from Thursday, May 12

As many of us on Blogger found out the hard way, Blogger sometimes has an epic fail moment, or more accurately, a 20 hour fail moment.  During that time, we were left in read only mode, lucky if most of our recent posts were visible.  On top of that, no one could comment (a huge annoyance for those of us who have giveaways going on.)

If you entered a giveaway (particularly the Apothica one) during that time and do not see your comment, please re-enter it.  Blogger has posted that they'll be restoring, but it's getting pretty late for that!  Unfortunately, we are at their mercy.  We can only hope that they do restore everything.  However, my posts from Thursday have not yet reappeared, so bear with me while I re-post.  Thank goodness I subscribe to my own feed so I get a daily digest!
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