Friday, June 03, 2011

How are you cutting back to combat high gas prices?

Harris Poll recently released survey results showing half of Americans have cut back on some type of spending because of high gas prices.  Dining out, groceries, and entertainment were the top three categories that we're cutting back on to afford gas.  Further down the list is not driving as much, something that I have definitely cut back myself.  I tend to find myself not running to the store unless I can fit another errand into my trip.  So if I am out of shampoo, I won't run out for it until I have to go by the store on my way to somewhere else. 

I also find myself shopping local more often.  So perhaps high gas prices will be a boon for local economies?  Recently, we had a very small meat market/deli open up in my town.  I typically can't get guaranteed gluten free lunch meats at the store in town, so I buy them at a Wegmans 35 miles away.  Now, I have a local option.  Sure it is a little more expensive, but not nearly so when I factor in gas.  Even so, I stretch my trips to Wegmans out a few weeks and don't space them quite as close together.  This might mean I am buying four loaves of frozen bread instead of two, but then I have the option of planning a trip to town to replenish when it will save me the most time and gas because I won't have to go out of turn just because I'm out of something gluten free.

Is there something in particular that you've cut back on to afford gas?  Do let me know in a comment!  Also, if you know what the price of gas at your last fill up put that in the comment too.  I filled my husband's little Versa with gas last night - it was over 30 bucks and he still had a 1/4 of a tank.  I paid $3.68 for regular 87 at a BP.
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