Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Infant Crib Standards In Effect!

This is one of those blog posts that I've been meaning to write all week.  I subscribe to the CPSC alerts so that I'm made aware of important safety recalls that affect me, my family, and my readers (in the event that I happen to promote or link to a product that ends up getting recalled at a later date.)

The alert that hit my email box was to advise of the new crib guidelines that are in effect.  Drop side cribs have gone the way of the Do Do bird.  As you might recall, our crib was recalled and we had a bit of work to do to get it returned to a Walmart and eventually received a pro-rata amount of money back since the company that manufactured it was no longer in business.  Still, as a parent, it makes you sick to think of all the nights you put your child to bed in a crib that was fingered as the cause of death of someone else's child.

Since it is summer time, that means yard sales.  I encourage all parents, grandparents, loving/doting aunts, friends, etc. to review the new crib standards.
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