Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sun Deck Furniture - Perfect for a Holiday Weekend!

The July 4th holiday is looming - are you getting excited? Independence Day was always one of my favorite holidays, mainly because my dad's side of the family was big on family picnics. I really miss those now that both of my grandparents have passed on. 

Home Styles Biscayne 5PC 48" Round Outdoor Dining Set
If you're the one entertaining this weekend, then you are probably stressing a bit about seating.  Hosting a barbecue or picnic means that you'll need need more seating than you'd normally have to have with just your own family enjoying the great outdoors.  Perhaps you're considering some sun deck furniture for your patio or back deck? 

I'm not sure what I'd like to get someday.  I liked the Biscayne 5 PC 48" Round Table and Chairs, mainly because of the ability to add an umbrella.  I could easily picture that on a raised deck with me sipping soda and thumbing through my All You magazine.

Adirondack chair
But living near a river, most folks around here prefer Adirondack chairs or an Adirondack glider.  It's kind of interesting to drive around town to see all of the colors of the rainbow painted on Adirondack chairs!  Most homes, especially those of out of towners (that is, not us Townies) feature a few of these chairs on their porches.  Our local stores carry them beginning in the spring.

I admit, I was tempted to grab some lilac colored ones once, but I resisted the urge.  To be truly comfortable though, you'd need cushions.  I liked this pink chair, which was used to display a cushion designed to fit an Adirondack.

Creekvine Designs 10' Vinyl Gazebo
Really, ideally, I'd love to own a large plot of land where I could have a gazebo.  Gazebos are just so elegant!  Maybe I watch too much HGTV, but I think it would be really romantic to hang some drapes and eat a romantic dinner by starlight.  Or have a brunch and invite some friends and family over for a bite to eat. 

I must dream a lot!  For us, we've only ever had 5 year plans for our homes.  15 years into our marriage, we are hoping to be able to consider moving to a final dream home in the next year or so.  Hopefully, it will have everything that every other home we had lacked, plus some awesome upgrades to make us feel like we've traded up into something nice too.  If I ever won the lottery, though, I'd try to make an offer on the HGTV Dream Home 2003.  My husband and I still talk about this house!  We loved the outdoor kitchen concept (office above) and the overall decor.  It even had a guest suite, something that's become important to us now that our parents are reaching retirement age.  It was so us and truth be told, none of their other dream homes have even come close to our liking since then.  I was mighty sad to not win that year!

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