Saturday, June 04, 2011

We've outgrown our TV's entertainment center... and a few other things (Bush Furniture dreaming....)

You know you have outgrown your TV entertainment center when.... your TV is on top of it because it is too big to fit in the space designed for TVs.  We've known for a while that we needed to make a decision about what we wanted to do with our TV, DVDs, and gaming consoles since really, the center looks crammed to the rafters and doesn't suit our storage needs.  One of the main reasons for our hesitation is that we are afraid if we don't have our TV high up, we're going to be very angry at one of our kids for smashing the big screen.  It was perfect for our needs (pre-kids) 11 years ago.  Now?  Not so much. But as the kids get older (and hopefully more careful), we feel the need to upgrade to something more suitable.  One of the brands we would consider for any furnishing is Bush Furniture.

Bush lateral cabinet in Cherry
In fact, we've outgrown a good many things in our house.  One of them is a beat up old filing cabinet.  I *might* have bent the top in when I was using it as a foot stool and now the top drawer doesn't quite close.  We want to replace it, but have been putting that off too since we want to move within the next year or so.  Our next house must have a separate office.  Due to a shortage of space, we have a printer, a desk, a filing cabinet, and an assortment of other office type items in our bedroom.  If HGTV came to do a make over, I think they would cringe!  I think Bush lateral cabinets would be a good fit for us eventually.  I want something classy and nice looking; not something black and made of metal that can't hold up to a few pounds on top. 

Of course, I'd match the cabinet to any desk that we'd purchase.  The desk we have now is too small and we don't even use it.  How sad is that?  It's just not functional.  It's a glorified printer stand at present.
Bush desk to match the Bush lateral cabinet!

Bush Furniture offers a lot of desks including a Bush Saratoga desk that is in line with our style. I need something with a lot of drawers and also something that gives plenty of surface area, even with mouse pads and other computer peripherals in the way.  I also don't want something that is too large or too heavy, but I want something sturdy that will last for decades. 

In short, when we are able to move to a larger house, I anticipate spending on quality furniture that will last.  Meanwhile, if you have any tips on wall mounting of flat screen TVs, please let me know.  Is there an optimal height that is great for viewing, and safe from the kids?  Please share by commenting below.

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