Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Epix preview this weekend (July 22-24) for Dish Network subscribers

Get a free preview of Epix on Dish Network this weekend, July 22-24According to, Epix's free preview channels are 380 and 381.  I actually saw a promo for the preview that mentioned William Shatner's Captains, which actually looks interesting.  I'd watch that! 

We're Trek fans here, but I wouldn't say we were Trekkies (as in we don't dress up like Han Solo and Princess Leia and attend Trek conferences), but we do love almost all of the Star Trek shows that been on TV through the ages.  I remember watching the old 60's re-runs with my dad growing up in the 80s, along with TNG (I might have cried when they killed off Tasha Yar...)  The 90s were the decade I got married and also watched Voyager.  Hubby got way more into Deep Space Nine  than me though.  I did get into the new one with Scott Bakula, but they canceled that show on me. I wonder what's next? 
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