Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Disney Christmas Carol DS game - $2.99 at Best Buy (ship to store?)

I spied a note about the Disney Christmas Carol DS game at a hot price of $2.99 at Best Buy on  I checked and it can't be shipped to you at that price, but you can ship free to a store near you.  I would mention that if you opt for this method of acquiring this DS game that you make sure that you are the one who is picking it up as I've had issues before with this delivery method when my husband purchased a hard drive and since his name was on the order, I wasn't allowed to pick it up (though they gladly would sell me another one and we had to go cancel the order online... big PAIN!)

For comparison sake, I did check the price on Amazon, where it was listed at $8.95 (ships free with Prime).  I have actually played this game.  It came with a bundle last year when we bought our son's DS XL.  The graphics weren't the best (grainy), and the hide-and-seek aspect of it was at times quite frustrating (which is how I ended up playing through several parts of the game - it simply frustrated him too much in a few places).  However, if you can pick it up for $3, it isn't a bad game.  I actually did enjoy the logic puzzley aspect of it and I have seen my son play it well past Christmas a few times. 
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