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Introduction to: BistroMD gourmet meal plans, plus giveaway {School Rules}

***This review series was written by Jenna M Wood of Momma Told Me, for Blog POP! All opinions expressed therein are provided voluntarily, and solely hers.

BistroMD is one of the nation's leading gourmet meal plan services, providing a tailored at home delivery program to suit dietary needs, busy professionals, or simply frazzled moms in need of delicious nutrition! Founded and overseen by an actual doctor, Caroline J. Cederquist, all meals are developed in a professional kitchen, by real chefs. BistroMD offers plans from 3 day, to monthly programs, with, or without, snacks- it couldn't be easier to eat healthy, delicious meals that fit your busy lifestyle. Get your free Diet Analysis profile today!

Bistro MD: Presentation and Arrival
By; Jenna M Wood, Momma Told Me

I recently had the amazing opportunity to sample one week of BistroMD (a 5 day meal and snack plan). I want to remind the readers that this service is not meant solely for those on diets or with dietary restrictions. Even those without health issues can still find themselves missing important dietary components due to sheer lack of time for food preparation. Nothing illustrates this better than a busy mother trying to shuttle kids back and forth from practices and recitals during the school year. Her palate and nutrition is often put on the back burner. Or, consider the cost of standard frozen entrees, via the local grocer's freezer; Bistro MD makes a delightfully personal and time saving gift to yourself or that special person in your life. I'd like to think Bistro MD is a wonderful solution for the everyday person who is crunched for time due to work or special occasions and needs a hot, delicious, healthy temporary meal service. The options are endless!

My Bistro MD meal plan arrived in a large cardboard box about 3.5' X 4', and I immediately opened it with excitement. Inside was a long slender box with my dry goods (snacks). Underneath was my meal plan introduction portfolio, Day to Day guide, and product handling information. I had not anticipated the sheer volume 15 frozen entrees would consume in my freezer and spent a little while utilizing my master Tetris skills to fit everything strategically inside. I then read over my individual meal plan multiple times, waiting in anticipation for the following morning.

The Bistro MD program I'm about to share with you is the full plan with no dietary restrictions, 3 courses a day, and an AM and PM snack. I'll be the first to admit, since leaving a standard 9 to 5 for at-home work I've greatly let my dietary structure break down. I often go to bed at 7 am to wake at 11 am, and will snack on nothing more than yogurt and fruit until my first and only meal of the day, dinner. I know the Mommas out there hear me when I say it's not easy to juggle a family and still make time for yourself! I used to eat throughout the day, pre-marriage, and since the transition, have noticed my metabolism slowing, and a few other annoying changes in my general health. Committing to Bistro MD is a definite change for me, though I resolved to put as much effort as possible to following the meal schedule and plan.

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