Friday, September 23, 2011

Blockbuster Movie Pass -- Dish Network partners with Blockbuster starting 10/1

Wowza!  Many of us are still pretty ticked off at Netflix and now my satellite provider, Dish Network, has announced a partnership with Blockbuster that they're calling Blockbuster Movie Pass that will be launched on early October.  The details are kind of sketchy and I have no real pricing tier to view.  However, the lowest tiered plan will be $10 a month, and I'd have to assume that's one DVD out at a time.

This is supposed to be exclusive to Dish Network subscribers and will offer subscribers over 100,000 choices in movies, TV shows, and games.  The blurb on the Dish Network site says there will be "Thousands of movies to stream" so I'm going to withhold my opinion for now until I see what's going to be available for streaming.  Still, at $10 a month, if that includes one-at-a-time DVDs and stream together, it would be cheaper than Netflix.  As they say, the devil is in the details.  There's a place to sign up for notification when it launches so you can get more information at that time.

Now, I'm wondering which competitor is going to cozy up to DirecTV? 
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