Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Playing outside as a family --- a cheap, fun, healthy activity to do! #C2Play2Day

Playing outside together as a family is a cheap, healthy, and fun activity.  With so much in the news about childhood obesity due to a lack of physical activity, it's up to parents to help foster a love for exercise.  Kids love to see their parents moving along with them too.  I know my kids do!  In all honesty, I don't really remember my own parents playing with us kids and as an adult now, it makes me a little sad.  I hope that my kids remember the outside play when they're as old as me!  

Have you heard about The Worldwide Day of Play?  Nickelodeon's The Big Help is a program that aims to encourage families and kids to make a conscious effort to make better, healthier lifestyle choices every day. September 24, 2011 is Worldwide Day of Play, where kids and their families are being encouraged to turn off their TV and get outside and play.  I know in my family, my children love their technology items... computer, iPod, gaming consoles... and I have to shoo them outside to encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors instead of the not-so-great indoors. 

Clorox 2® is a proud sponsor of Nickelodeon's 8th Annual Worldwide Day of Play. If more physical activity and less TV are something that your household needs, please consider participating in the Worldwide Day of Play on September 24th.  Make a commitment to more outside play and take the Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside!

What we do as a family ~ cheap family activities to do outside!

Frisbee toss and kicking a soccer ball around  Tossing a frisbee is great for exercise, not to mention some hand-eye coordination.  Fling that frisbee around and let the kids run to catch it.  A frisbee can cost as little as a dollar or two at a dollar store.  My kids like to fly the frisbee around the yard.  Having an adult play also means that it's funner for littler ones because adults have better aim and control.  The kids love to kick the ball around and that's something adults can join in on too.  I used to have a neighbor that had a dog that loves to play soccer.  He's a ball hog and getting the ball away from him is a work out, even for me!  The kids loved to play with him and at the end, both dog and human kids were worn out.

Bike riding around the neighborhood  Another cheap activity that my family enjoys is bike riding.  This, admittedly, is my husband's outdoor activity with the kids.  Riding down the "big hill" and then the "little hill" are always highlights to their time together.  Since riding a bike is hard for me due to some pain issues, I don't mind that they are out having fun together without me.  I enjoy the time they're all gone since I get the house to myself!  We often move our cars to make extra room on our concrete drive so the kids can tool around when a full bike ride is impossible.

A stroll on the beach  We also go to the beach for a leisurely walk and all we pay for is parking, which is a quarter for every 15 minutes.  My husband and I stroll the beach while the kids run ahead and grab shells and beach glass, filling their pockets with Potomac River treasures.  Our town has a paved boardwalk and a municipal pier that reaches out into the Potomac.  Both are fun to stroll along when you are looking for something outside to do that isn't high impact.  Ratchet it up a notch and challenge the kids to a race down the beach.

These are just a few of the activities that we do as a family in the great outdoors.  Outdoor activities don't have to cost a fortune to be fun and be counted as physical activity.  Spending time together is good for everyone's physical and mental health.  Healthy bodies promote a healthy mind!  Mark your calendar for the Worldwide Day of Play on September 24th and don't forget:  Take the  Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside!

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