Tuesday, October 25, 2011

La Crème coffee creamer rebate (printable) - exp 12/31

Attention coffee drinkers who like a little something extra in their daily cup of java!  La Crème is offering a try me free rebate via Facebook.  Just like their page and print out a rebate form.

Terms and conditions of the La Crème rebate offer (up to $2.99):
  • Purchase a 16 oz bottle between 10/1/2011 and 12/31/2011;
  • Circle your purchase, including price paid;
  • Mail it, along with the rebate form, into the address provided on the form and do so with enough time to spare to ensure it's received by 12/31/2011. 
Sorry about that bold, but I wanted to alert you that it actually has to be received by 12/31, though it lists purchase date up to 12/31.  Please allow extra time if you're planning to purchase in December - the mail tends to bog down due to Christmas cards.

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