Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monte Carlo movie review --Oddly, more a movie for mom than daughter?

First off, be sure to head over to my Monte Carlo giveaway, made possible by Fox Home Entertainment!  You can win a DVD copy, plus a super sweet looking purse hook (I didn't receive one of those, but it looks awesome).  Now on to my review.

I received a copy of Monte Carlo a few weeks ago and had planned to watch it with my daughter on a Friday night.  She had a surprise sleep over with an older friend, and I had anticipated us all watching the movie together.  They both love Selena Gomez and they wanted to watch a movie.  Oddly enough, they watched the first half hour and then bolted, leaving me to watch the remainder of the movie myself and since we had a car trip planned the next day, they decided they wanted to watch the rest of it in the car instead of hanging out with me.

After the girls left me to my chick flick, I settled in to watch the story myself.  I have always liked mistaken identity stories (I grew up watching the original Parent Trap with Hayley Mills) so I was already intrigued.  Who wouldn't want to be mistaken for an heiress?  I sure would!  It's an escape from the daily grind and we can all use a vacation from reality sometimes.

I do think the movie was a bit long, but in reality the story line wasn't just about Selena Gomez' character.  There were two other storylines involving her step-sister's budding romance with a guy she met in Paris and her best friend's adventures at trying to act rich and famous, yet knowing that deep down, that just isn't her.  These sub plots took time to unravel, which is why I think the movie felt a little too long.  Most of the action takes place in Monte Carlo, where Selena Gomez' character meets the son of a wealthy philanthropist.  She struggles to show him she (Grace) is nothing like Cordelia, all without giving away her ruse.

Overall, I liked the movie and felt satisfied with the ending and the theme to be happy with who you are and how you are.  My 10 year old and her friend did finish the movie in the car and liked it too.  I think that it started off kind of slow and that's what turned them off that first night.  However, I did research the film before showing it and couldn't find anything objectionable that I didn't mind my 10 year old (or her friend) being exposed to.

Have you seen Monte Carlo?  What did you think?  Or are you waiting for it to come out on video?  Remember, it arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 18, just in time for the holiday season!

Disclosure:  I received an advance copy of Monte Carlo for the purposes of review.  I was not compensated to write this review and the opinions are my own or are derived from my family's (and friend's) experience with the movie.
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