Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hunt's Canned Tomatoes Coupons: How social are you willing to get to save?

Hunt's has a promotion going right now that offers coupons to users in differing amounts, depending upon just how social you want to be.  They have many recipes listed on their site that they want consumers to try and the amount of coupon that you can print is tied to specific actions that you take.  Click here for a link to that page.
  • Find a recipe you like and print it and you can print a .40/2 cans coupon.
  • Sharing a recipe via email or social media will give you a .60/2 cans coupon.
  • Finally, weighing in on what you thought of a recipe will translate to a $1/3 cans coupon.
There's a limit of 3 coupons total per customer.
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