Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Berenstain Bears books on Kindle

Very recently, Jan Berenstain of Berenstain Bears fame passed away. Her husband passed on a few years ago and with her passing, I wonder if these iconic bears will carry on teaching children life lessons.  I can remember back 30 years or more to our librarian reading us Berenstain Bears books during library time.  I remember when there was just Sister Bear and Brother Bear (and when Mama Bear's lap disappeared for some reason).  I feel a sense of loss, perhaps because my children enjoy this series, but mainly because it feels like an old friend has died.

Since a lot of people are moving toward e-readers, I was glad to see a good many Berenstein Bears on Kindle.  Perhaps one day soon we'll see a Berenstain Bears book featuring Brother Bear or Sister Bear reading books on an e-reader?  I'm sure there's a life lesson in that. What's really interesting is that when I was younger, I could relate to Sister and Brother Bear... and now, I'm the Mama Bear preaching about too much TV, too much junk food, and why we need to share.  It's funny how life circles back around....

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