Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Sheetz Cards: Save 3 cents a gallon on gas

Just a reminder for folks that have a Sheetz in their neighborhood... pick up a My Sheetz card the next time you're in the store so that you can save 3 cents per gallon on gasoline.  Here, gas is currently about $3.53 (and 9/10ths - so just call it $3.54 to round up). All the gas stations on the main drag are all charging the same price, even Sheetz.  But with the My Sheetz Card, I save 3 cents off.  Not much money, but every little bit helps!  With gas prices set to escalate even further, getting any kind of discount is looking pretty enticing.

A few things to note:  When you go inside to get your My Sheetz Card, they scan your driver's license and you must complete the registration later on their website.  So no instant savings there!  However, they do send emails including freebies and it's usually something yummy like a pop, donut, or candy bar.  You need the physical card (and not the keyfob, as pictured above) to swipe at the pump.  That's kind of a bummer since I wish they'd have a scanner for the keychain version.  I keep the physical card in my van and grab it to fill up and use the keychain one to get in-store discounts, freebies, and credits toward the 10 items to get one free. 
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