Friday, March 09, 2012

Printable Claritin coupons for allergy season!

The Dogwoods are starting to bloom here --- I saw several today that were bloomed pink, whereas some were looking that perhaps they'd just be a few days behind their early blooming friends.  Blooming trees are something that I take seriously and I dread our neighbor's tree springing to life because that means yellow pollen everywhere.  Yuck!  Yuck for the car, and yuck for me!

Claritin has some printable coupons out there that you may want to print so that you're prepared for allergy season.  Their website has links to several different varieties of their product and will allow you to print Claritin coupons from there just with a click of your mouse.  Interestingly, I printed a regular Claritin coupon from their website and received a $2 off a 20 count or larger.  Their Facebook page also has printable Claritin coupons (just two), but the Claritin coupon I was able to print there was for $4 off a 15 Count or larger.  Both for non-drowsy formulations. 
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