Friday, April 13, 2012

Ann Romney/Hilary Rosen flap: Moms do "work" and should insure themselves accordingly

Political affiliation aside, I cringed when I heard coverage of Hilary Rosen's comment that Ann Romney didn't work a day in her life.  Ann Romney chose to stay at home to raise her children, which, believe me is work.  Granted, I have but two children to chauffeur hither and yon, launder their clothes, fix their meals, pack their lunches, ensure that their projects are done, do homework with, not to mention keeping up the house, mowing the lawn, going grocery shopping, etc. 

Mommy wars aside, something that every mom -- working or not -- should take from this hot topic is that just because you aren't bringing in the bacon like your spouse that works outside of the home, that doesn't mean that your life shouldn't be insured.  Stay-at-home moms provide a service to their family, one that would need to be replaced in the event something happened to them.  When we sat down with our insurance agent a few years ago, he pointed out that if I were to predecease my spouse, particularly when our children were very young, there would be day care expenses that would be a burden.  Heck, he might even need a nanny due to the nature of his job.  Truly, we'd need a lawn service.  The reality is that WE do WORK and just as you would look at how much insurance you'd need to replace a spouse's income when they work outside of the home, you should be considering the true value of all the services (you know, WORK) that moms provide for their families when you make insurance decisions.
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