Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Borrow books via OverDrive (Nook/Kindle) for free from your library

If you have an e-reader or are considering getting one, I want to recommend OverDrive, which may be available to you from your local library.  I live somewhat rural and was very excited to see that my library system is partnered with OverDrive.  What this means is that I can borrow library books from the comfort of my home, having them delivered to my e-reader over my wi-fi.  And it's free to me.  I recently borrowed Eclipse (book 3 of Twilight Saga).  My husband has used OverDrive to get digital copies of books that he wants to read and sometimes he can get them faster this way, since the queue for popular books is generally shorter for digital copies than it is for regular books.

There are 15,000+ lending partners (schools, libraries, etc.) worldwide that use OverDrive, which offers 650,000+ titles from over 1,000 publishers, including some of my favorite publishing houses like Harlequin, Harper Collins, and Random House, though offerings may vary depending upon what your library has in its OverDrive collection.  

You can search for a participating library via the OverDrive site by zipcode.  Hope you find one near you!
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