Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Diamond Candles story {Click for Video}

As a blogger, I've had the opportunity to try out some truly innovative and awesome products.  One of the most unique products I've tried was a Diamond Candles.  Check out the review here

What I loved about the product was the mystery.  The candle smelled great, and I didn't find an expensive ring inside (I wish!), but what I did find was a connection to the brand.  One strong enough that I sent each of my sisters their very own Diamond Candle.  It was fun to wait them out (they lasted longer than I did...) as they enjoyed the scent and hoped to be able to rescue their ring to see what they got in their candle.  In fact, I sponsored a Chocolate Truffle Diamond Candle giveaway for Blog POP's Valentine's Day event a few months ago because I loved the product so much and knew my readers would love it too.

Diamond Candles is having a contest and I hope you'll check out their video (referral link) to learn more about how their company started up in 2010 and has grown.  The video contest is a referral contest, and I'd appreciate anyone who joins in on the fun.  This actually isn't my referral link... it's my sister's!  She loved her candle and now loves the brand too.   Of course, she's hoping to win, but even winning a lesser prize would be awesome.   If she doesn't place, well, I guess I know what to get her for her birthday....
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