Monday, May 14, 2012

Old Navy Online Coupon Code save up to 25% (Valid 5/18-5/21 only)

Heads up! Old Navy has a coupon code out that's only good 5/18/2012 - 5/21/2012, and it's a graduated discount.  I received a paper coupon advising me to 'Get summerized' that is good at the store (or online if you use the code) that's structured like this:

5/18 only:  25% off (until 11:59 PM Eastern)
5/19 and 5/20:  20% off (until 11:59 PM Eastern on 5/20)
5/21 only:  15% off (until 11:59 PM Eastern on 5/21)

This excludes every day steals and jeans online, according to the coupon.  Use code ONBEACHBB at checkout online.  The best value will be making a purchase on 5/18.  You can only use the code online once, so pick the day that's best for you. 

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