Monday, May 14, 2012

{Review} Tom & Jerry: Around the World (DVD)

Title:  Tom & Jerry:  Around the World
Release Date:  May 1, 2012
Studio:  Warner Bros.
Length:  22 episodes
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Tom and Jerry make their way around the world in this latest DVD compilation of modern and vintage cartoon shorts.   From Hollywood to France to Austria and everywhere in between, Tom and Jerry give as good as they get and keep up their perpetual game of cat and mouse!

Check out this trailer for a sneak peek into Tom and Jerry's journeys around the world (and out of this world). 

What we liked:  I admit, I liked the vintage cartoons better, mainly because that's what I grew up watching.  My son particularly liked the episode where Tom and Jerry got into a magic wand fight, trying to best each other with objects to drop on each others' heads.  The newer episodes have a modern feel.  You don't see Tom and Jerry headed out into space in the vintage shorts, but you do in the newer ones.  It's a good mix of old-time shorts (a lot of chasing) and modern notions.

Side note:  I had to explain what a telegram is!  Now that's funny.  Now you would just get an email from someone.

What we didn't: Because some are older episodes, the clarity isn't always there.  This is something I think I've mentioned before in reviews of past DVDs.  I really wish they had cleaned up some of the old shorts to make them less in contrast with the newer, brighter shorts sandwiched in this compilation.  For purists, it can be a little hard to see Tom and Jerry doing so many modern things because though they chase each other, it isn't quite the same cartoon you remember.

Still, Tom & Jerry:  Around the World is a nice addition to your Tom and Jerry video library.

Disclaimer:  A complimentary copy of Tom & Jerry:  Around the World was provided at no cost to me for the sole purpose of facilitating this review.  I did not receive compensation for writing this review and the opinions are my own, or are derived from my family's experience with this DVD.

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