Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hot deals at Staples this week - don't miss these!

Staples has a fantastic ad this week with several deals that I can't wait to snag. With regard to the copy paper on sale, last year the easy rebates on these actually got less as the summer dragged on, so holding out for grabbing paper for pennies may not work to your advantage.  My general rule is if I can get copy paper for $1 or less, I'm going to take it.  One of my children's teachers had copy paper on the supply list last year (our school always, always runs out of paper), so I plan to grab all the copy paper I can dirt cheap this summer.

Here are some highlights:

With $5 purchase only (in my area.  Your area may differ.  Please note that different markets may run slightly different ads.  Last year, my store's ad was one week behind Northern Virginia's Staples store ads.)  Grab a friend (or a few extra kids) and snag these great deals:

*  Rose Art 24 ct crayons --- 1 cent each, limit 2 per customer
*  Staples School glue --- 1 cent each, limit 2 per customer
*  Bic Round Stic black 8 pack --- 1 cent each, limit 2 per customer

Free after Easy Saver Rebate:

Scotch super glue gel 4 pack ($2.99 after instant savings, full $2.99 back on Easy Rebate)

Good things to grab and stock up on:

Paper Mate .7mm. mechanical pencils --- 25 cents, limit 4
Bic Great Erase dry erase 4 pack  --- 50 cents, limit 4
Staples pink block erasers 3 pack --- 50 cents, limit 4
5 pack Black Sharpies --- $1
Staples glue sticks 4 pack --- $1 (.25 per glue stick) limit 4
Staples Postscript 12 pack mechanical pencils --- $1
2 pack Post it cubes (400 sheets) --- $3 
Bounty Basic 8 pack paper towels --- $5

Staples multipurpose copy paper --- $6.99 with $6.74 Easy Rebate = .25 per package (limit 2)
HP Everyday photo paper (50 sheets) --- $9.99 - 50 cents instant savings with $8.99 Easy Rebate = .50 per package (limit 4 rebates per household)
Staples 2013 Desktop calendar $4.99 with $4.99 Easy Rebate = free after rebate (limit 2)

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