Monday, July 09, 2012

Slushy Magic Review: Slushy to drink or Slushy to wear?

Slushy Magic retails for approximately $12-$15 and can be found at many stores and online.

I recently purchased a Slushy Magic Slush Cup because it looked fun on TV.  Who doesn't want a slushy on a hot day, especially lately when we've been 100+ degrees here in Virginia?  I enjoy slushies/slurpees in the summer, but often can't have one because of a food dye sensitivity, meaning if they're serving grape and blue raspberry, I can't have either because of the blue food dye.  So being able to quickly make my own at home really appealed to me, not to mention it appealed to the kids who beg for one every time we pass a 7-11 store.

My experience with Slushy Magic....

Following the directions, I let the ice cubes chill it the freezer for several hours to freeze.  I then put them in the cup with cold soda to make a slushy.  (Note, if you use soda, you'll need to vent every few seconds because of the carbonation.)  I shook the cup as directed and had soda coming out of the top, not where the vent was.  The Slushy Magic cup did not have a good seal at all, no matter how many times I threaded it.  I even screwed it on so tight that my husband had to loosen it, and it still managed to leak out.  I ended up covering the top with plastic wrap to keep myself dry while shaking the cup and Slushy Magic Cubes.

The final product was something that definitely wasn't as slushy looking as was shown on TV, or the package for that matter.  There were ice crystals, but it looked like a regular slushy that had half melted.  The ice cubes, however, were still cold to touch (almost painfully so).  I am hoping to find a cup that will seal to try it again.  Perhaps a metal one that vents that I can shove in the freezer first to get it super cold.  As much as the ice cubes melted, you could only use them once before having to re-freeze them.  That means only one person can have a Slushy at a time.  Freeze time is approximately 2-3 hours according to their package insert; that was not my experience.  After 2-3 hours, mine were only half frozen the first time.  However, the Slushy Magic Cubes only half melted while I was shaking my beverages, so freeze time should be shorter if only half-thawed during use.
Final assessment:  Slushy Magic is a novel idea, but the cup has got to have a good seal.  The ice cubes do freeze though and can be used to cool down a beverage at least.  I will most likely be returning this item to the store unless I can find a workable solution.  After I purchased, I did check some reviews on Amazon and a poorly fitting lid was one of the major complaints of reviewers there, so I don't think my experience is out of the ordinary.

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